A fighting chance: Demo Women Take to Congress

By: Bill Whaley
1 January, 2019

While the FBI’s Javert-like Robert Mueller pursues the Trump crime family, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, the daughter and granddaughter of Baltimore mayors, who manages the House, counts votes and looks askance at the President, a wacko New Yorker. Look for Nancy and her troops to out-maneuver the Turtle in the Senate and the Fat Man in the White House.

President Trump is currently “wanted” for crimes against nature, climate denier; crimes against humanity, kidnapping and the abuse of migrant men, women and children seeking asylum, as well as the neglect and deaths of American Puerto Ricans; treason, Putin Puppet; and fraud, violations of emolument clause; crimes against non-profit foundations; money laundering; pay-offs to porn-stars; etc. He and his criminalized cabinet secretaries are destroying 80 years of New Deal progress in human rights.

Never have so few family members focused on so many white-collar crimes in plain sight, as detailed in the tabloids, broadsheets, books, and broadcast media. I am reminded of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” where the stolen plunder lay in plain sight on the desk in front of the detective.

Now come the anti-misogynist members of the House, personified by the likes of Illinois’s Lauren Underwood, a fitting legacy of New Yorker Shirley Chisholm, the first Black Congresswoman, elected in 1968 from re: Bedford-Stuyvesant. Underwood won in an Illinois district in which Trump beat the demo candidate for President by 30% and is 86% white. Asked how she did it, she noted her organization and hometown roots, while visiting every house and home “here” the district itself. She focused on America’s number one concern, health care, due to her experience as a nurse. She’s 32 years old.

The House is full of first timers who had charisma and a grasp of the issues that count like her mate 29-year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. New Mexico’s Debra Haaland joins Sharice David of Kansas as first two Native American women elected to the House. Seems like a good paradigm for more victories.

The youthful enthusiasm of these first timers infects the populace with “Hope.” We need some hope, especially given the state of endless war in the Mid-East and endless genocide in places like Palestine, where “undefeated despair” still prevails.

Some of us remember watching the Watergate hearings but those rather staid and formal proceedings quail in comparison to today’s desperate times. The once patriotic Republicans have gone over to the dark side, leaping into the void behind their own Darth Vader as the Empire lurches toward annihilation. This year, 2019, will tell the tale of real-life adventure and whether the great American experiment will survive the swamp creatures of DC and the devil’s spawn from Queens?