Biden: Emergency Responder

By: Bill Whaley
13 November, 2020

Death Dealers V. Lucky Lifers

To My Friends:

We have escaped the autocrat, thanks to a majority of voters who represent the multicultural demos and decency of America and voted for “Biden Knows Best.” The hard right, however, Republican Senators, Trumpists, and the collective if resentful worshippers of conspiracy and the reality TV avatar, voted for the Cult of Covid. Though he escaped the box only to take up residence in the White House, now he’s been rejected. But like Freddie in “The Nightmare on Mainstreet,” Trump threatens in the sequel to return.

The right wing “resenttiment” embodied by the hoi polloi (who express indignation at having been treated unfairly), a characteristic of the “herd” per Nietzsche, continues. Proscriptions against racism, secularization, science, the elevation of diverse ethnic groups, who are replacing the white majority as the enfranchised citizens threaten the bitterly engaged. We all stood in line to vote.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is peopled by six Catholics (despite the disgrace suffered by that Church due to errant Cardinals, Choir Masters, and your oily local priest.) So the Church-going right to lifers, per Trump, have remained firm in their support for the unborn and laud the dead, committed to the right wing “politics of genocide” rather than see themselves as familiar objects of desire.

The unmasked and immoral materialists worship at the knee of the anti-Christ, whether you interpret the above literally or figuratively, empirically or allegorically. For Covid is sweeping through the country like an accelerating flood of poisonous sea water as the finger pulls away from the dike and we suffer the deaths of hundreds of thousands and watch (for how long?) millions sicken.

Today’s hospitals relive the early middle ages when the bubonic plague ravaged half or more of Europe’s population. Millions died. The more interesting question concerns “Who will live” and “How?” I will see you on the other side but I don’t know on which side, whether the sunrise or sunset? Quien sabe?