“Outraged by the Outrageous”

By: Contributor
31 October, 2020


Matt Wolhberg

As a military veteran, I can no longer contain my outrage at the behavior of our President and his enablers and apologists. I’ve always believed that In a democractic republic, one has a near sacred civic responsibility to serve when called. Some years ago I felt compelled to volunteer to answer that call.

At the time, the draft was in full swing, and all young men were subject to it. I waited patiently for my draft notice, but it never seemed to arrive. So, feeling a strong drive to serve my country, I stepped up, joined the military, and served as a combat medic.

Let’s contrast the behavior of many like me with that of the current President of these United States, who reportedly faked a minor physical ailment to avoid military service. He then went on to establish a dynasty of dishonesty, deceit, deception, and theft of the public trust.

Recently, this pretend leader subjected military veterans to derision, calling them “fools” and “suckers.” This got my immediate attention, evoking an almost uncontrollable level of outrage in me. Indeed, I was so unsettled by his remarks that I lost any sense of decorum or civility. I was brought to that point when our President called my venerated fellow military veterans derisive names.

But let’s not forget the ignorance and insensitivity that Donald Trump routinely demonstrates toward the military. His failure to recognize the significance of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor and his unwillingness to visit a military cemetery honoring FallenWorld War I Marines is a recent case in point.

While I’ve never liked Donald Trump and never saw him as deserving of respect or particular consideration, I’ve been able to keep emotions in check until now. Trump’s disrespect, disregard, and denigration of our military has simply been too much to bear. This, combined with Trump’s near criminal disregard for the health and safety of our fellow citizens who have fallen ill to a dreaded virus has caused my emotions to rise to levels I’d not previously known.

I had originally been willing to accept that Donald Trump would occupy the “People’s House” for four years. I now wish that there was some constitutional way for his term of office to be shorter.

I initially supported another candidate for the Democratic party’s nomination. Nevertheless, Joe Biden prevailed. He is a man who served his country with honor and commitment. I will support Joe Biden with absolute conviction of cause. At a time when our political system is under deadly assault by Donald Trump and his fawning enablers, Trump must be defeated in his bid for more of the same and worse.

Let’s make no mistake about it. Our political system is under deadly attack by Donald Trump and his fawning enablers. Though I’m now simply publicly venting my anger, I will, without fail, wait my turn in line to cast my vote for Joe Biden as our next President of the United States. I hope my fellow military veterans and all other thoughtful people will do the same.