Karma visits the Hard Edges of the White House.

By: Bill Whaley
2 October, 2020

Last night and this morning we hear Nemesis (outbreak), “El Viro,” invades el viro. It’s like a shell game in the West Wing: who’s got the viro? From the oval office to the Capitol in the Capital, the ancient ghosts of Greek Tragedy—Oedipus, Antigone, and Creon—rise up and remind us how Hybris (false pride) is punished by the earth’s natural limits. So the climate erupts inside and expresses outside the effects of obesity and reminds the children of excess and Q that conspiratorial madness is no match for biology. The President and First Lady et al tested positive for Corona, according to a midnight tweet. Who’s next?

The soft sides of the Briar Patch Prevail as Maye Resists with Love

Still a die-hard on the Plaza….holding what’s left…
Stillness Watching the vatos locos still cruising the Plaza, scaring the new invaders…with their Harleys so loud they rock the roots of the murdered, last, ancient cottonwood That was cut down last year..
I’m still here holding fort for my ancestors,
Native and Spanish…
We are still here Bro!!!
I don’t care if they’re richer than me, than us….
We survive, resist and carry on….
We LOVE this valley with all our hearts,
And we’re not leaving 

No matter how rude they are…

We have to teach them love 
Because they are lost and their 
Hearts crippled by greed and arrogance 

They came here, like you, to hear the heartbeat of the earth;
To find their lost selves…
Maybe to find them….
maybe not…

But oh the sunsets and brilliant stars will
Move your soul to the end of
The universe and back
And a person will change and be moved to remember.

——–Maye Torres