Intimations of an American Elegy

By: Bill Whaley
20 September, 2020

SCOTUS Converts Law to “Banana Power”

RBG passes: Autocrats Gleeful

Today, the Demo Pundits wring their hands, RBG RIP: Civil Rights activists lament her passing. Once, conservatives lamented the passing of Anthony Scalia, the court’s bull-dog right wing deconstructionist. For Scalia and Chief Roberts liberated serial killers, and promoted deregulation, which helped the GOP repress voters, and gave the fire and flood season a boost, while also executing a coup aimed at acquiring power for the right wing war mongers under Bush II. Meanwhile the lives of the poor and, especially children, are sacrificed to Moloch while hundreds and thousands of American die under the Trump regime’s inoperative health, safety, and welfare clause aimed at red states, while fires and floods engulf the earth.
(The lady in white sings her scales behind the curtain.)

To wit:

1. In Bush v. Gore, 2000, the court anointed Bush II, president, executing a right-wing coup, based on fatuous arguments. The decision ultimately destabilized the MidEast and resulted in the untold deaths of millions.

2. In District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008, the court upset over two-hundred and twenty years of understanding re: the “militia clause” of the Second Amendment, which expanded almost unlimited “gun availability.” Consequently, the NRA turned gangster and serial killers were liberated to prey upon unprecedented numbers of American School children and innocent concert goers.

3. In Citizens United v. FEC 2010, the court took the last step, bowing before the Cross of Gold and then transfiguring corporations into individuals under the First Amendment: Consequently, fountains of cash for propaganda subsumed the three branches of Government and SCOTUS itself: SO the Court sold its soul for a “mess of pottage.”

4. In Shelby County v. Holder (2013) the court ended voting rights protections and gave permission to right wing republican thugs, both official and unofficial, to drive the nails in the coffin of democracy by allowing the GOP to suppress the vote.

5. In 2020, barring the miracle of leadership from bruised and weakened demos, just as the Republicans found a presidential killer in the person of El Viro, so the court will find a hospitable appointee to finish killing civil rights—in practice—and codify today’s minority control of the majority, thereby increasing corporate power and the POWER of their agents, who dominate all three branches of government.

Neither Christian nor humane, the court has cut off its nose so that we can stare at the ugly face behind the mask and bear witness to the courtly coup de grace, which has resulted in an increasingly unjust economic system, the crimes of racism, the crimes against Nature, crimes against children, and, finally, the reversion to Homeric—Old Testament “might makes right” and the substitution of primordial power for reason and the Rule of Law, reversing 2000 years of bumpy moral progress.

Though the lady in white has yet to sing, grab your belly boards, Ladies and Gentlemen: We are in the soup.