“Fake News” but not here! An aphoristic—apropos polemic!

By: Bill Whaley
22 March, 2019

Friends have touched base and wonder if I’m ok: Here’s my answer.

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.” —William Butler Yeats, Second Coming

“Witch-hunt…”—the Trump Crime Family

In my lifetime: “Vietnam, Malcolm, Martin, JFK/RFK, The Chicago Seven, Freddie Hampton” et al—The Living Dead

In the last election, progressive TV and radio praised Hilary, debunked but focused on Trump, and Ignored Bernie. “Bernie told the Truth” about “Billionaires.” Tax breaks for the rich followed in Trump’s wake. Evangelicals support the wolf in sheep’s clothing: he’s pro-life (but not for your brown children).

The establishment protects their own: Nixon’s demise, Reagans” Iran-Contra, Clinton’s Peccadilloes (anti-poor, black, imprisonment for crack, not for powder), Obama’s “hope and change” but not for whistle-blowers or citizen’s sans due process (assassination or help for bankers, not homeowners). In other words, the “status quo” prevails. (Preserve the system!”)

Opioids from Sackler’s (who donated so much to the “arts”).

Gas and Oil Pollution from Koch Bros and they gave to the Met.

Mueller Time: Indict the low levelers: Manafort, Cohen, Stone, Papadopoulos, Flynn, (Where’s Don, Don Jr. Jared, Ivanka?)

What happened to the Arabs: Saudis? In 9/11 the First Responders suffered, and were left behind but can’t collect against U.S. friends i.e. Arabs and Israel.

Trumps white racists (upper and lower class Republican, who dig white supremacists, whose supporter s prevail and have since 1797) like the U.S. constitution and the “originalists’ (Scalia’s)” favorites). In Article 1, Section 2; “ Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.2 (Sic).

What has changed? Nada, nada fucking thing.

Amendments to the contrary, some progress, much backsliding suggest cultural return, “Black lives matter,” “Me, too,” “family separation,” “tax cuts for the rich” confirm the irony of the “new deal,” the last time the people affected the corrupt bankers.

Obama sold us out, too.

Now we had Bush, supreme court coup, Citizens United, Conservatives consolidated gains, Heller/SCOTUS liberates Conservatives NRA to engage in serial deaths of children. Border barrage blasts apart families seeking asylum.

Let the living suffer while the unborn bear the burden of mythic belief in not the Christian Christ but old testament Yahweh: death due to disobedience. Onan died because he jacked off, the surest way to avoid the unwanted: spill the seed on the ground and die.

Putin Puppet Trump elected and disgraced established mannerisms, now Republicans covering up: Mueller time: Save the country, re-establish the law. But he and establishment, unlike his former self who put Mobsters’ “rats” and “hitmen” and, who also put the bosses in jail, but around the politicos…a charade and façade and what? Will he surprise us?

It’s never happened.

Progressive radio and TV, MSNBC et al cover up peccadilloes of left and right, cause Bernie wants to re-distribute the hard right’s class war (kick them when they’re down) against brown, black students, workers, poor white victims of injustice while Trump epitomizes crimes against humanity. Sure, some [liberals] just heard about their ignorance so now they come to the table under Rachel’s tutelage…decades, centuries after original sin in Amerika.

And that brings me to the laughable “water protectors” in Taos wherein the battle begun in 1969 with a lawsuit and celebrated in 2006, but really began with Blue Lake in 1970, protecting the headwaters and the Rio Pueblo and Buffalo Pasture or was it in 1846 (American occupation) or 1540 (Hispanic conquest) or was it during the previous 15,000 years of climate change in El Norte?

Wake up: you’re late to the table and drilling rig.

Don’t blame the EPWSD and the Mutual Domestics and the TVAA’s 54 (Spring Ditchers never signed). So much ignorance and so many fake protesters, who are “not from here” in an “authentic sense” because Taos Pueblo’s historic people today rule the water wars while suddenly “they say” (johnnie came yesterday) “there should be more information” because they haven’t read the history (Taos Indians and the Battle for Blue Lake” and “The Archaeology of the Doings” or “Anasazi America”) or are too lazy to research the facts and ambiguities and lies told on behalf of the great “public relations” complexities and bureaucracies, conceived of by lawyers and engineers in today’s fake speeches and fake news about acequias and the turncoat mayordomo’s and commissioners who would convert, for example, the El Salto de Aqua commons for their own profit.

Your heroes are devils in disguise.

Just as the way of “free speech” is exercised today on radio, in the press because nobody wants to tell the truth, so they “spin” and “lie” and even Mueller and the demos and the republicans and the protesters and the supporters know the truth is a “dirty secret.” For they think we citizens are too delicate to hear the “realities” despite Hannah Arendt’s claims about the “banality of evil.”

After all, evil is just an everyday thing…get over it.