Hope and Horror: You gotta love the Primary

By: Bill Whaley
25 February, 2020

“You screwed us up mom and dad, you didn’t mean to, but you did!” (Apologies to Mr. Philip Larkin)

The panic among hand-wringing Dems and Republicans at the MSNBC pundit bureau feeds the Melodramatic news with delicious liberal ironies. Once the pundits brought you Hillary and ignored the democratic socialist in the last primary. The same pundits promoted the fascist Trump in name and image for the sake of ratings. But as Marshall McLuhan said: the medium is the message. They spelled Trump’s name right and he was anointed King.

Now the Bernie Brigades have arrived. What? One’s children and grandchildren, along with their Latino-Hispanic, Black and immigrant or LGBTI brothers and sisters, infused with rag-tag vets of the sixties, all seek social justice. Under the big tent, they  listen to Bernie preach cooperation, compassion, and love as antidote to the politics of Trumpean schism and bigotry. What’s wrong, one asks, with basic “Fairness” ?

(I liked seeing the grizzled members of my generation on TV, the ones left behind in Nevada, my home state, sometime refuge of rednecks, but now lined up to vote for Bernie.)

Decades ago, the members of the greatest generation tried to kill off the younger generation (me and mine) in the Vietnam war. We stopped the bleeding and fled to Taos, but now we have endless war: the rise of racism and white supremacy, lawless outlaws in the Whitehouse, stagnant wages, the increasing wealth gap, indentured student debtors, insurance agents and drug salesmen posing as leaders of corporate (death) squads. Corporate pariahs regularly poison the food, the water, the skies, and withhold medicine. Meanwhile the traitors in the U.S. Senate follow Moscow Mitch toward the Kremlin.

Here at home in northern New Mexico liberal Senators and a U.S. Rep re-energized the LANL bomb builders, who aim at creating the end of the world. Still nobody has matched the atavistic Teutonic Trumpeans and the USCBP, who have put “kids in cages.” Yes, “the horror,” Kurtz, indeed, “the horror.”

Wonder not at the Bernie Brigades but wonder why you aren’t running with the kids to save the earth and the country from the “horror” for the sake of hope, hope that springs up each year like fresh water in the acequias. We are all natural and man-made of woman’s body by the life-force. For the human factor is real and affects the climate in our home:  Mother Earth is shaking her finger at us.

And the Children are coming.