Super Tuesday: Today, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

By: Bill Whaley
3 March, 2020

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless [Politico]” (Apologies to Shakespeare)

Remember the Triplets of Bellevue West, Udall, Heinrich, Lujan, who ignore calls by activists, who ask for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) re: the Trump Billions aimed at the LANL “Pitmakers,” who want to expand operations to Santa Fe, while creating new highways of destruction between the City Different and the Atomic Village aqui en El Norte.

Next time you adjourn to the Mesa Brewery and lift a glass to the Rio Grande del Norte Monument, don’t forget how the Triplets want to squeeze out the oxygen from the air you breathe.

How do your radioactive Cutthroats taste?

Town of Taos

The Friction Editorial board endorses Billy Romero and Darien Fernandez for Town Council because they nearly reflect the cultural values and historic place, we call Taos. We don’t like throwing the baby out with the bathwater like the gentrifiers, Bellis Barrone, Hahn, Evans, or their suppliants at the “Heart of Darkness,” who substitute “main street” clutter for the Historic Taos Plaza and street sides.

I hate to watch the heart of the community die by the hand of tree killers or suffer from the electronic beat and tacky clutter, which pollute the air and light posts.

Taos County Advisory: Primary June 2, 2020

Vote this spring and support Melissa Kennelly for the 8th District Court in Raton: “she’s the real thing,” smart and vetted by her peers. See County Commission Candidate Willie Cordova from El Prado, Seco, Desmontes, Hondo; his mind and experience speak of competence (he’s from here). Mirabile Dictu: under Willie’s aegis, nobody died, and nobody escaped from the Taos County Lockup, No Scandal.

In Ranchos, Talpa, Llano, voters have the luxury of voting for Darlene Vigil, the incredible shrinking woman, who overcame “radon” and survived “radioactive-reductive surgery” to manage the County Assessor’s office. She’s one of many “top-notch,” women, who rescued the County from chaos lo’ these last twenty years.

Similarly, we see the promising veteran of the County Clerk’s office, one Dolores Lujan, who is beating new and well-worn campaign paths into the environs. Due to office politics, the current clerk has filed the friendly assistant in the rear of the office, but Dolores peeks out and smiles, despite office politics.

(Dolores’ partner Moises is one of the last Taos locals standing in his home-owned “Adventure” ski business.)

NM Primary June 2.

Prior to June 2, I predict “Uncle Joe” and “Bernie” will be vying for votes and kissing ass in El Norte. Historically, the Kennedys in the sixties visited Espa as did Barack Obama much later. “Sweet Caroline” spoke for Obama at the Patio next to Shree and Stella’s in downtown Taos. Everybody comes to Taos.

While Bernie attempts to renew the New Deal, Demos think Uncle Joe represents the “Second Coming.” But who will lift the veil of Trumpian darkness and light up the way the Moscow Mitch republicans have betrayed the west: Putin pandering, accelerated inequality, keeping kids in cages, ignoring the planet’s health, and sending college students into indentured service.

Since Donald Trump pardoned Scooter Libby in the “Valerie Plame” matter (convicted for crimes against country under Bush II), we should send a personal message from El Norte and replace Congressman Ben Ray with Valerie Plame herself. Experienced CIA, Military Family, smart as a whip. We need somebody to help redeem the law and the security services from this madman. Let Trump suck on his twitter feed.

I like a little poetry with my politics.