Italian Singers, Local Doctors, Coopsters & Education, Scummy Senators Profit on Poison, Gov. Cuomo as Dr. Spock, Mama Michelle

By: Bill Whaley
20 March, 2020


If you are stuck in the throes of Internet Entertainment, check on You Tube the Italian response to El Viro: operatic singers belting out Italian favorites from balconies with whole neighborhoods as back-up singers. In Barcelona two musicians play an impromptu tune from the “Titanic” as keyboard and sax stand up to loathsome co-star, El Vira.

The Doctor is in at Schreiber Family Medicine: according to a phone call last night, you can approach the clinic, where you will be vetted. If you pass, in you go; if you don’t they have tent for potential El Viro/El Vira patients in the back. Schreiber has long had a “walk-in” clinic practice each day. (Full Disclosure: After years of having no personal physician and relying on specialists, a couple of years ago Schreiber opened up the process for average folks left high and dry by the departure of Drs. Rosen and Pond.) Today I am also monitored, thanks to Medicare and Schreiber by the Tele-doctor. Stay healthy, my friends. But don’t drink la Corona.


KCEC is offering free Internet hook-ups for kids’ sans access of all ages including UNM students, who will be out of school (ad infinitum) as well as tablets for the device deprived. See:
Internet Form for Students – Kit Carson Electric Cooperative
If you don’t have a computer at home and can access internet, would you like to check out a tablet from THS? *

Father Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo of NY State has been a model of the child reared in the era of Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903-1998), whom my mother read and whose mantra aimed at children was be “firm but polite.” Cuomo relies on his own expertise, decisive character, other experts, and continues to explain but resolutely remind New Yorkers and the TV audience of the seriousness of El Viro.

On TV Cuomo lobbies the Feds, reminds his constituents of their duty to each other, while thoroughly explaining changing obligations to society and La Familia as the state and country goes into “lockdown.” This morning Gov. Gavin Newsome “locked” down 40 million Californians. Some states lag but will count the bodies later. During the Spanish Flu Gunnison, Colorado shut down entrances to the town and suffered not one mortality.

Mama Michelle

Gov. Lujan-Grisham has acted forthwith to close schools, business, and will be calling for a special session of the legislature to focus on the crashing economy. Not for a minute do I believe the public schools will be returning anytime soon to “live” education. Those of who must, must learn our way around “online education” because, very likely we will still be teaching via Internet and Device a year from now.


“Scum” in the Senate profited from “Insider knowledge” on the stock market, according to news reports today (a Democrat and Three Republicans). I can only say, “Diane, we hardly knew you.” Or maybe Eat shit and Die, Richard (among others).

Our Friends

Our two friends, “solitude and social isolation,”  have visited as the harbingers on the road to survival and salvation. By turning inward but watching the sun or moon rise, by taking a solo walk up the Devisadero trail or along the Rim on the Rio Grande, or by reading that book or (my students) by writing that paper, we may become sufficient to the challenge of becoming better human beings. As you walk or hike and look up at our feathered friends, remember that we all owe Mother Earth an apology for fouling the nest in this era of excess. Today, competition is out, cooperation is in; the result may change the social system. Misanthropes rejoice.