The Coronation of the King…”Get Used to it…”

By: Bill Whaley
15 April, 2020

“When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total. And that’s the way it’s got to be.” Donald Trump.

“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” Richard Nixon

You’ve got to appreciate the various aspects of irony exhibited by our dear leaders on both sides of the aisle as the Red King and Blue Queen spit and sputter at El Viro, alternately blaming China, WHO, Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Media, and Corporate Medical profiteers. The AG said you can’t just hide under your bed.

(A local Taos realtor, one of Manby’s sons, advertised an adobe for sale in The Taos News, assuring buyers that it possessed “social distance.” Ha. Ha.)

Caveat to friends: I am not a cynic, merely skeptical today of everything everybody says since everyone admits, nobody knows what’s going to happen, echoing Socrates, who said he didn’t know…the truth.

Meanwhile, President Trump models himself on Mad King George, last seen presiding over the Brit’s loss of empire i.e. to the American revolution. The most recent victim of his own revolution is Bernie Sanders, as Nancy, Mitch, Trump all jumped on his ideas and declared a two-trillion dollar welfare program, taking credit for while denying the sudden triumph of “Socialism” over “Capitalism” i.e. globalism, “free” trade, and other deniable international hobby horses, including Big Pharma drug deals for Red State white folks.

Now we have 2008’s “Father Knows Best” figure and democratic rescuer in chief of the Banks. Course Obama was picking up the pieces left by Clinton’s nullification of Glass-Steagall or deregulation of financial institutions. The heroic Obama emerges from the shadows to drag his Uncle Joe up the stairs from the basement, where Joe sleeps under the “protective custody” of wife and sister. Barack officially nominated the aging pol, who smiles thinly and wanly, looking like nothing so much as one of the Baby Boomer generation’s moribund parents.

(Nobody mentions Uncle Joe’s tarnished record, support for Credit Card companies in Delaware, vote for the Iraqi War, and denigration of Anita Hill in favor of accused pornographer Clarence Thomas because Joe is a self-qualified as a “good guy.”

While Uncle Joe takes the high road, he is expected to lead the charge against the Mitch and Donald’s Party of the Red Death. It’s like the Charge of the Light Brigade, sabers drawn, as the Gatling Guns mow down the Four Hundred souls, horses and soldiers engaged in folly.

Like the Clintons and Carville, the Obamas are stuck in the last election. Trump and the Republicans bought the umpire (SCOTUS) and they’re throwing hard, fast low ones outside, where nice guys strike out.

Think about tough, smart, democrats: Nancy Pelosi with her stiletto heels slicing up Trump like Sushi; Andrew Cuomo, the kindly Godfather of facts, compassion, and steely-eyed discipline. (Like an outlier Michael Corleone). Frisco’s California Governor, Gavin Newsome manages the Nation State, where brains, experience, flexibility and finance all meet at the Golden Gate. Adam Schiff predicted the Trump coup while Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren would spank this special needs President with a glance, an innuendo, and a curled lip.

But the demos run their Joe, dust off a geezer from last Century, who never won, until Bernie scared the Wall Streeters and Red Death Demos by preaching social justice and the life-saving antidotes to inequality. El Viro proved Bernie right in spirit but the proud and pragmatic parasites, who ride the backs of valiant health care workers, never met a slogan or worker they couldn’t leave behind… unlike Captain Crozier, who refused to let his sailors and marines die without speaking up, sacrificing career in the name of common human decency.

So, you see Ms. Lincoln, we always kill the good guys, Socrates, Jesus, your husband, Honest Abe, JFK, Martin and Malcolm, Bobby and today’s health care soldiers, those who stand and fall based on passion and principle. America needs somebody who knows how to walk the talk and fight the good fight. But the “influencers” are looking at a lightweight, while they need a Mohammad Ali, someone who can “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”