El Viro and Nihilism: Resistance, and Republican Policies of Death

By: Bill Whaley
7 May, 2020

Covid-19: Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” Repeats itself

The self-replicating virus of Capitalism, endless growth, an abject ponzi scheme, haunts America as the world watches the decline and fall of the alleged democratic republic. An impoverished health care infrastructure implodes, due to exploitation by Big Pharma, again (think opioid crisis) and because of the predatory practices by manufacturers of PPE: sell life to the highest bidder.

First the potholes appear in highways and bridges suffer from neglect and a lack of vision. Now the hospitals slowly sag as doctors, nurses, and first responders die in their attempt to do their duty and save lives. Meanwhile Trump is taking aim at the U.S.P.O. in a trifecta: punish Amazon, the owner of the Washington Post, a critic; privatize the great public service and give it to capitalist cronies; and, finally, stop the democrats from using the U.S.P.O. for absentee ballots.

When you have real enemies, there’s no room for paranoia.

As Health Care has imploded, due to the criminal neglect of Covid-19 early warning signs, so the current conditions elucidate decades of policies underscored by the U.S. Senate, President, and the Supreme Court, who have jettisoned the rule of law, the founding principle of the American Republic: shutting down Voter protections; promoting gun violence; and equating money with speech on behalf of the elite. McConnell and the Senate now want to eliminate liability for industrial meat producers, who poison the food chain with injections of hormones into beef or by producing toxins and cancer-causing agents. The carriers of Covid-19 in meat packing plants mean brown people, the majority of workers, die more readily, and the poison affects a larger percentage of the democratic opposition because a majority of Americans don’t support Trump’s re-election.

Black and brown constituents, as voters, human beings, and citizens, all suffer higher rates of death, due to historic health issues caused by poverty, discrimination, and the policies of white supremacy. Now Trump is coming for you, white demos: no money for democratic states, he and McConnell say.

(We’ve already seen the policies of white supremacists prevail while Republicans push to protect the rights of serial killers under false interpretations of the Second Amendment, resulting in the massacre of innocents.)

The Red and the Blue are fighting a 21st Century Civil War, while pundits and politicians cover up reality with “Happy Talk” : speeches about how “We’ll all get through this together.” Really? Infection and death rates soar, the virus mutates, and Trump dallies with our own private destinies. Look at the mirror glinting in the sun, that’s a rifle sight trained on you.

Though the historic culture of resistance is still alive in New Mexico, a principle of custom and part of the historic tradition, we are under siege by a fifth column of coronavirus in Navaho Country and a plague of red-death republicans in the state legislature, so reminiscent of 19th Century genocide aimed at the indigenous culture. This state was settled by the savage forces of Manifest Destiny back in the mid 19th Century and despite its thousand’s year-old Indigenous culture and hundreds-years old Hispanic culture, the state was forbidden from joining the mainstream culture of American statehood until 1912.

The citizens of New Mexico have faithfully supported wars of aggression abroad, sold to the populace as “defense of the homeland.” But it might be time to reconsider the Flag that flies 24/7 over Taos Plaza and redefine our current relationship to the contemporary Republic of Death, playing out in the headlines today. Republican supremacists and elite capitalists have declared a “Class War” not only on brown people but on white people, especially demos, today.

The Brown people are nodding, “See,” I told you so, pendejos.”