Friction Candidates in Local Primary

By: Bill Whaley
31 May, 2020

In the District 3 County Commission race, Talpa, Ranchos, Llano area, Darlene Vigil,former County Assessor, is an outstanding candidate, whose experience in County Government means she will hit the ground running.
Friction Endorsement Reminders

In the District 4 race, El Prado, Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco areas, Willie Cordova, like Darlene brings experience to the job.

County Clerk candidate Dolores Lujan also brings years of experience to the job as a veteran of the office

For District Judge Melissa Kennelly has the background, experience, and outstanding credentials, credentials endorsed by the selection committee of the state, who appointed her, and praised by numerous judges (Caldwell, Nelson, McElroy, retired) and attorneys in the community “Keep Judge Kennelly.”

For District Attorney Marcus Montoya deserves your consideration. He’s fair minded and believes in resolving cases in favor of justice, not in favor of personal animus or political persecutions.

Keep Sara Blankenhorn, an attorney, and current incumbent magistrate judge.

Willie Cordova in his own words

My name is William E. “Willlie” Córdova. I am running for Taos County Commission District IV because I want to serve my community which has given so much to me. I have run my campaign on a strictly volunteer basis and have not solicited any donations from any of my supporters or special interest groups. Thank you to everyone who has supported and voted for me to date.

I am the grandson of the late Willie A. Córdova and the late Josephine M. Córdova who lived in Arroyo Seco and El Salto. They later moved to El Prado to raise their family. My maternal grandparents were Eloy, Theresa and Stella Montoya of Santa Fe. I am the son of the late Arsenio W. Córdova and Dr. Kathryn M. Córdova. I have been married to Clara J. Córdova for 25 years and we have two daughters and 5 grandchildren. I am the brother of Andrew B. Córdova and Dr. Theresa J. “Tessa” Córdova. I am an 11th generation Taoseño with strong beliefs in Our Lord Jesus Christ. My roots are deeply planted in my community. Because of my strong ties to this community, I believe in keeping our traditions and culture alive such as language, history and traditional agricultural life ways.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from New Mexico State University. I retired in 2016 after a meaningful and successful career of serving youth, adults and families in the State of New Mexico for 25 years.

• 1 year with the Human Services Department.
• 19 years at the Children, Youth & Families Department.
• 3 years with the Taos County Detention Center.
• 2 years at El Prado Water and Sanitation District.

We must keep our community alive and strong by: Honoring and serving our Ancianos and Veterans; Providing effective and efficient mental health services; Supporting our local hospital; Supporting our local workforce; Supporting our youth with meaningful programs; Supporting our local businesses; Maintaining and Improving county roads.

As your Commissioner, I will do my best to represent all members of our community in a fair and impartial manner while working collaboratively with ALL governmental agencies within Taos County. UNITY is the key to getting things done.

As my dad used to say:

“A person without a knowledge of their history is like a tree without any roots.”
+Arsenio W. Córdova

William E. Cordova